Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekly Shopping Deals

I've done my shopping piecemeal this week since we started school and I no longer have the luxury of a full day to grocery shop. I got some great deals all week long, though, so let me share them with you.

First of all, these are the deals I just got today. If you have a Superfresh near you, these deals are good through next Thursday. You will definitely want to stop in!!

  • 5 pouches (8 ozs each) Kraft shredded cheese - FREE after sale, coupon and Bonus Bucks
  • 5 bars (8 ozs each) Kraft chunk cheese - FREE after sale, coupon and BB
  • Breyer's ice cream - $1.79 (limit 1, 4-day sale)
  • 2 Hillshire Farms polska kielbasa - $1.99 each
  • 3 bags Lay's potato chips - 3/$5 (limit 3, 4-day sale)

TOTAL: $10.65 for all

Note: My husband and I were amused with the total savings (not sure if it's yearly or lifetime) on the bottom of my receipt: $1,326.49. That reminded me why I don't buy anything there that's not on sale. :) Their regular prices are outrageous!

After figuring in the rest of the items I bought (in the picture), this shopping trip came out to $18.16.

Earlier in the week (Monday actually), I hit Staples, Rite Aid and Walgreens for their especially good deals:

Rite Aid
  • 2 bags Doritos - $1.50 each after sale and UP reward
  • Nivea lip moisturizer - $1 profit after coupon, rebate and UP reward
  • poster lights - FREE after rebate (I got this to finish my UP rewards, so that I would get everything I put out back in cash.)
  • Always pads - $0.99 after sale, coupon and rebate
  • Colgate toothbrush - $0.25 after sale, UP reward and coupon
  • Colgate toothpaste - $0.25 after sale, UP reward and coupon

TOTAL: $3.49 for all


  • 2 Softsoap body washes (not pictured, not sure why??) - 2/$0.25 after sale, coupons and Register Reward
  • Colgate Total toothpaste - $0.99 after RR (It's my dh's favorite, so I "splurged"!) :)
  • 4 lbs real butter (not pictured because I had to get a raincheck) - $8.00 (what I'm using my RR on)

TOTAl: $9.24 for all


  • 2 reams paper - $0.50 each after rebate
  • 2 packs (12/pack) Staples sticky notes - $1 each (reg. $11+!!)
  • 2 Staples school glue - $0.01 each
  • BIC round stic pens - $0.01
  • poster putty (this is the only kind that sticks, folks!) - $1
  • HP printer ink - I used my ink fund money to buy this, but it was on sale: buy $40, save $10.

The ink didn't ring up instantly, as the sale paper seemed to indicate, and I'm glad I asked. The cashier brushed it off saying it would come as Staples Rewards. The manager overheard and checked on it. Sure enough, it was a coupon they have that they are supposed to know to scan. (It doesn't say it anywhere, so it's nobody's fault but corporate.) She said I was the first person that asked about it, so I'm sure several other people had been "ripped off" during the sale ... Anyway, it brought my price per cartridge down to about $8 per ink cartridge, once you figure in the ink recycling reward I'll get for each of them. Not bad, considering Wal-Mart wants $17 for one of them!

TOTAL: $4.03 without ink (ink came to $30 plus a little change)

I've recently increased our grocery budget to $50/week since everything in the store has increased and I don't have as much time to do the deals during the schoolyear. I'm still under budget for the week, though: $34.92! Yeah!!

We began homeschooling this week, and there were a few things that I noticed I was going to need. After our first day of school, I realized my filing space was insufficient for schooling two children in an organized manner. I was going to mention it to my husband when we were finished with school that day, but he beat me to it.

He had an appointment at the south side of town and stopped into Salvation Army where furniture was 1/2 price that day. He got me this beautiful filing cabinet (very well made) for just $5:

And I hadn't even gotten to the chance to tell him that I needed one! What is it that the Bible says about God answering our prayers before we ever knew to pray them? :)

Lastly, I came across these cowboy/cowgirl hats at Dollar Tree on Monday while my husband was looking for votive candles:

I was ecstatic because we're doing a Western theme for Cousin Camp next year, and I wanted a cowboy/cowgirl hat for each of them. These very same hats are $4 each at Michaels, and I knew I couldn't afford that. But I can handle $1 each! :) (We're going to dress them up a bit and add a "chin strap".)

I had heard Dollar Tree carried them before, but I had never seen any. I mentioned it to the lady when I checked out, and she confirmed that they do go rather quickly. I guess they got them in for Halloween ...

At any rate, I'm happy with this week's deals!


Rhonda said...

I like reading about good deals - and yours are really good!