Saturday, October 2, 2010

This week's shopping deals

On Monday, we took the day and went north for some thrift store shopping in a town we hadn't shopped at before. We also hit a few other stores while we were there, and I was thrilled with everything we found.

Remember the Bind It All I just got? Well, I had no wires for it. I also have no local source for the wires, so I'd have to buy them online. The best prices were on boxes of 50, but I didn't want to spend that kind of money until I had played around with it a bit and discovered which sizes were the most versatile to stock up on.

Well, someone at Splitcoaststampers alerted me to the fact that Michaels' $1 section notebooks are the same pitch (2:1) as Bind It All, and she stocks up on them when they go on clearance for $0.50 or less. You just carefully pry the wires apart and save them for your own binding projects.

I had looked at our Michaels, but they only had two notebooks left, and I was really hoping for them go to down to $0.25 each. I hit the jackpot at this particular Michaels! I bought 20 of these journals for $0.25 each, and they still had over half a bin left. Yeah!! I've been playing with the Bind It All, so look for some projects soon.

I also needed some hanging file folders for in our schoolroom (for that $5 filing cabinet we got a few weeks ago). I had fully intended to pick them up last week at Wal-Mart when I went shopping (even put them on my list), but I completely forgot to check for them. Well, am I ever glad! These two boxes were still full, complete with all tabs, for $1 a box at a thrift store. I'm sure Wal-Mart couldn't have beat that price!

Isn't it wonderful how God looks after us? :)

I've been doing a lot of doubling recipes and freezing meals lately, since we're a bit busier with homeschooling. I quickly ran out of plastic containers, though, so I was thrilled when I saw all of these (mostly meal-sized) containers along with a hamper for $2 at the same thrift store! Most of these didn't look like they had ever been used.

At another thrift store, I went to the book section to browse and ran across a lady who was putting out books. She looked at me and asked if I homeschool (I get asked that a lot - I wonder why). When I told her that I did, she directed me to four large boxes of school books that had been donated. The books were regularly $0.50 each (a great deal!) but she said I could have any that I wanted for $0.25 each since I'd be saving her the trouble of pricing and filing them.

I got all the books above, as well as all of these:

It felt like Christmas as I was browsing through these fabulous resources, most of them with original price tags still attached that were $10.95 and up. Would you believe that I left a lot of books? I only bought the ones I knew I could use - whether for the reproducible graphics or for the worksheets or just for the ideas.

Apparently, someone retired from teaching and donated everything to this store. (Her last name was on all the books.) Thank you, Mrs. F! :)

Then just yesterday I had the chance to run to Food Lion for some awesome deals. I got everything in the picture for $18.70. Check out some of these awesome deals:

  • Ronzoni pasta - $0.25 each after BOGO sale and blinkie coupon
  • Ritz crackers - $1.90 each after BOGO sale
  • Smuckers squeezable strawberry spread - $1.50 on sale (buy 5/save $5)
  • JIF peanut butter - $1 each on sale (buy 5/save $5)
  • Capri-Sun - $1 each on sale (buy 5/save $5)
  • 5 packages Kraft shredded cheese - $0.39 each after BOGO sale and $5/5 coupon!!
  • ground beef - averaged out to $1.59/meal (4 meals' worth)

I was thrilled with the deals at Food Lion this week, and I'm planning to get more cheese and pasta before this sale goes off next Tuesday! My kids were thrilled with the treats (Ritz crackers and Capri Sun) because I rarely buy them. :)

I hope you've had a great shopping week, too!


Plynn said...

I always appreciate when you share about God's provision. That often inspires me more than your wonderful craft ideas!

Sophia said...

I'm glad it helps! I remember as a teenager listening to a pastor's wife recount ways God had provided for their needs - over and over again. At the time, I had never experienced anything quite like it. When we started out pastoring (starting in home missions on a very low salary), I prayed that God would prove Himself to us like He did to that lady. He has never disappointed us! :)

Melanie said...

I also just made an amazing trip to Food Lion. Such great deals this week! You hit it big with all the homeschooling books. I would feel like it was Christmas if I had come upon all those books!