Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Craft Room Organization Part 4

Today I'm finishing my craft room organizational redo series. To start with, here is my shelving unit that my husband made for me:

I was totally inspired by my friend's shelving unit. I had the shelves custom-sized so I could fit some of my larger stamps on the shelves. I went through all my wood-mounted stamps and ruthlessly got rid of stamps that I knew I would never use (they usually came from thrift store lots with a bunch of other stamps I do use). You're looking at my entire collection of wood-mounted stamps. I didn't realize I had so many!

After this shelving unit was all put together and sitting here to be filled, I discovered that my punches fit perfectly onto these shelves, too. I was thrilled because I have a bit of an investment in MS punches, and now I can easily find which one I want without knocking three of them onto the floor in the process!

See? Isn't that perfect for the punches??

I think I said at the outset of this blog series that I probably spent less than $10 on my whole redo. Well, I forgot about this shelving unit. I put about $18 of wood into it. I consider it one of my best-ever investments!

I've been collecting these spice rack shelves for a little while now, but they've been housing miscellaneous things on my walls. I decided to take the items that had been in my revolving spice racks and move them to these wall-mounted racks. I like it a lot better now!

Three of these shelves are exactly the same. I was pretty pleased to find them at different thrift shops over the course of several months. I think I paid about $1 for each of them, and most of those even had some glass spice jars included with them.

Lastly, here is what's left of my hanging ribbon. I used to have most of my ribbon collection crammed onto this cafe curtain rod, but it just wasn't working. It was too crowded and I couldn't fit another roll onto it. As a result, I had a stack of ribbon waiting to be "filed".

I didn't take any pictures of my other ribbon storage, but I did it basically like Becca did here. Only my drawers are 8.5 x 11" (I had the organizer on hand), and my ribbon collection only took up one drawer (so far). It works so much better, and I love to look at my ribbon drawer now! :)

Just in case you're wondering, the spools that are left have 10+ yards of ribbon on them, so they wouldn't work very well rolled up in a drawer!

Well, that's it for my reorganization, at least for now. I can finally breathe in my craft room again, and it's inspired me to start back into my scrapbooks. I didn't realize that I haven't updated my family album in about four years!! It's a good thing I've been keeping up (mostly) with the kids' albums!