Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A few October classroom decorations

We just started on a new math theme in 2nd grade. The first theme was the pond, and this theme is transportation. I happened to find quite a few transportation-themed goodies at Dollar Tree, so it worked out quite well.

For this first board, I had purchased the "Learning Zone" border a few years ago. I used a black party tablecloth for the bottom of the board, blue wrapping paper for the top, green crepe paper for the grass, and large pre-cut die cuts for the various vehicles. I need to make a few cars to go on my train yet, but I decided to share this with you anyway.

I've had this door topper ($1 from Dollar Tree) for a few years, but I recently purchased the border and door sign from Dollar Tree. My son loves space and astronauts, so he loves these decorations!

I decorated our "reading nook" for fall. It's been done for awhile now, but I'm just now getting around to sharing it. The fence, sunflowers and pumpkins (and owl and baskets) came from old bulletin board decorations that were lying around in the church basement.

I made the tree from a cardboard box and used Dollar Tree leaf doilies as the leaves.

The crow was a Halloween decoration from Dollar Tree, but he didn't look scary, so I was happy to pick him up for this display.

The scarecrow turned out a lot bigger than I intended. I was originally thinking of putting him on a bulletin board, but I enlarged him a bit bigger than I intended. He's almost as tall as my kids! :) Oh well, he makes a nice addition to this corner of the room. I made his arms jointed (with paper fasteners).

I hope you've enjoyed the peek into our school room!