Friday, November 5, 2010

A few September bulletin boards

Please excuse the flash on this photo! It washed out the bees, but you can still get the gist of it, right? :) This is one of the bulletin boards from my son's science class in September. I'm just now getting around to sharing it.

I started with a bulletin board kit from Dollar Tree. It came with the branch and large bees. Then I purchased the "3D" hive separately, as well as the mini bees (25/pack) and border, all for $1 each. They worked so well together, and I was quite pleased with how it turned out!

This is from my daughter's Social Studies curriculum. The large cards came from Abeka, our curriculum publisher. The heading came from Dollar Tree (for $1). I was pretty excited to see how well they worked together.

And in case you're wondering, I don't have a dedicated "bulletin board" on my daughter's side of the schoolroom, so I work around what wall space I have. This particular space also happens to house the clock, so I just worked it into the design. :)

Enjoy! I'll share some more bulletin boards next week.