Friday, November 19, 2010

Pink and Denim Rag Quilt Purse

This is the second rag quilt purse I made, all from my scrap bin again.

This time, I added a button and closure. I used one of those button pins that look like a real jeans button. (I got a pack of 8 from Dollar Tree.) For the closure, I used the tab from the waistline of a pair of my son's worn-out designer jeans (that were given to us).

I also added a pocket inside, since I like to have at least one pocket in each of my purses:

It was the back pocket from the pair of jeans I cut up to make the purse in the first place. Cute, huh? And no waste, either! I have a huge stash of these pockets from all the jeans I've cut up previously. Now I just need to find them! :)


Shore Girl said...

Cute bags! I've seen them all over the place (on-line), and they remind me of the quilts I used to make very similar to these.
What a great way to recycle old/worn jeans!