Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thrift store bargain fabrics

So, you've noticed I've dusted off my sewing machine lately. I have a few project ideas up my sleeve, and I've been to a few thrift stores in the last few days. With that in mind, I've been checking out the lonely flat sheets that abound in thrift stores. I found a few lovely ones just today, as you can see from the picture above. (There were lots more, but I was picky and passed over the faded prints and thin sheets you could see through. I would recommend you do the same.)

The bottom two are 100% cotton; the other two are cotton/poly blends (one 50/50, one 60/40). I really liked the prints, so I picked them up. The white one was in excellent condition and a nice, thick fabric, so I picked it up, too. It might come in handy to line something or as a backing.

So, what is the price breakdown?

The lime green and white polka dot is a twin size and costed $2. That comes out to $0.75/yd for 66" fabric.

The white one is a queen size and costed $2 as well. That comes out to $0.72/yd for 90" fabric, or $0.35/yd for 45" fabric, depending on how you like to look at it.

The red and white gingham is queen size and costed $3.50. That comes out to $1.27/yd for 90" fabric, or $0.62/yd for 45" fabric.

The lilac print is queen size and costed $3.50 as well. Again, that's $1.27/yd for 90" fabric, or $0.62/yd for 45" fabric.

Those are some pretty good prices, in case you haven't been in a fabric store since 1950. :)

Not only that, but I also found a fabric I had been eyeing at Hancocks, waiting for it to go on sale. I couldn't have found it at this price, no matter how good a sale it was:

This was originally 44/45" fabric, but whoever bought it cut off 6" from one side of the whole length, making it 38" wide instead. However, there are 3-1/4 yards here, so I was pleased to get it for $1.75! Some fabrics are sold around that width (36", I think), and that would make this $0.54/yd for 38" fabric. No matter how you look at it, that's a great deal!

Since it's a sewing-themed fabric, I'm thinking of making a sewing tote for my niece who is learning to sew. I was thinking of a bag she could use to hold current projects, since she'll probably need to share her mother's sewing machine for awhile.

And in case you've always wondered, as I have, here are the sizes for flat sheets:

Twin - 66 x 96"
Twin XL - 66 x 102"
Full - 81 x 96"
Queen - 90 x 102"
King/California King - 108 x 102"

Nobody ever said you couldn't use fitted sheets, but it's a little more complicated cutting them just right, so I've only been choosing the flat sheets when I buy them. I've used some fitted sheets that were given to me, but I didn't want the hassle if I had to buy them.

If you have any other great ideas for using sheets, I'd love to hear them. Expect to see some sheet projects coming up.