Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another thrift store haul

My mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and what I really wanted was a stack of thrifted sheets. :) My mom is really good about things like that and doesn't insist on buying me something I won't use. I helped her out a bit and shopped for her. It worked out quite well that way because she really didn't have the time or energy to hunt around in thrift stores, and I love the whole process of hunting for them. Anyway, on to the pictures ...

I'm collecting certain color families with specific projects in mind, so it's not just willy nilly buying, in case you're wondering.

Last week when I went to Salvation Army, there was one lone flat sheet. Today, someone had unloaded nearly a truckload of sheets! Things are just thrown on the shelves at this particular store, so I dug and dug ... and dug. But I did manage to find some treasures!

The white and red ruffly thing on top (I have no idea what it originally was) is going to become the ruffly skirt on an apron.

The two panels underneath that were originally valances, but they're a nice size and a great fabric, so I got them, too.

The sheet on the bottom also came from Salvation Army, and I was thrilled to find it. I love florals!

The other two sheets pictured here actually came from Goodwill, where they had a bunch of new sheets this week, too. (Who knew people donated that many sheets in one week?) The brighter, fun one is 100% cotton. There were two flat sheets like this, and I got them both. You can't argue with $2 each for that much yardage.

The small rosette sheet is a fitted sheet. I've been avoiding fitted sheets, but I got some tips on how to store them, so now I'm buying them if they're a print I really love. When I was little, I had a doll dress in small rosettes similar to this, and I've been in love with the fabric ever since. By the way, this one is also 100% cotton.

In case you're wondering about the tips I received regarding fitted sheets, let me explain. I am buying these to use for the fabric. I've been stacking them in color families until I get enough of one color for a project. Unfortunately, the elastic in fitted sheets makes them lumpy and the whole stack starts leaning. So the tip I received (and like the best) is to cut off the elastic and seam rip the seams that create the "box" where it hugs the bed. Then it will lay perfectly flat, just like a flat sheet. It works great!

Here are some in the yellow family. I'm not sure about the one in the middle, but the ones on the top and bottom are true "vintage" sheets (as in "old"). I've seen both of them on other vintage sheet blogs. The one in the middle is just as nice, though, since it's a tone-on-tone, which really comes in handy with quilts. I got all of these at Salvation Army, and they're all flat sheets.

I scored another great fabric buy at Goodwill this week. The blue gingham sheet is huge (I forget, but I think it's Queen size), and it's flannel! Not only that, but I found this cat toile flannel fabric in the sheet section, too. There was no price on it, so she gave it to me for the price of a sheet - $2! Guess how many yards are there? Oh, about four. :) Yep, I'm happy!

I'm thinking of combining these two on a rag quilt for my niece who loves cat. Her birthday is coming up in February. If I add in some white flannel, it should look pretty nice.

I had to laugh when I saw these camo-print valances. I thought for sure they were homemade, but there is a commercial tag on them! I'm not sure what kind of decor they'd go with, but my son loves hunting and camo, so I picked them up for a project for him. There's quite a bit of yardage on the two valances.

I have no idea what this dark green print was originally. It was hemmed, but there were no pockets where you could insert a curtain rod, and it wasn't big enough to be a sheet. It, too, had commercial tags on it. I loved the fabric, so I picked it up, too.

I've been passing up pillowcases, but when I find them in flannels (like the two on the bottom) or pretty prints (like the ones on top), I just can't say no! I've seen some really cute pillowcase projects lately, so I'll tackle a few of those soon, too.

Last but not least, I found a few fleece blankets for a great price. They were $1 (for the pink one) and $0.30 (for the blue one), and they're a nice quality and size.

My husband was very gracious when I walked in the door with all of this glorious fabric. Since I made that yellow quilt, his eyes have been opened to the possibilities. And just as soon as we get our Christmas busyness out of the way, I have some projects I'm itching to make with these!