Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flannel Receiving Blankets to Rag Quilt

While we were visiting family for Thanksgiving, I stumbled upon a whole collection of pink flannel receiving blankets at Goodwill. I'm not the greatest at mixing and matching patterns, but this was a no-brainer since it was done for me. I was so excited to make this rag quilt!

I used eight receiving blankets and a few scraps of off-white flannel (upcycled sheets) that I had on hand to make this. The squares are 8" before sewing and 7" after sewing (1/2" seams). This way, I was able to get two rag quilt throws out of those eight receiving blankets.

This is one of my favorite rag quilts to date, probably because it's so soft and feminine and full of patterns that somehow work together. :) Enjoy!


Shore Girl said...

I love this pink rag quilt --- the fabrics go together so well, and it's so soft and pretty!

wild_angel said...

I know this is crazy question but I have been looking for those blankets for about a year now. I git them when I was prego with my youngest and the one that looks like it has bubbles on it is her fav and I am trying to get her more because the one she has she has put hole in it now. I was wondering if u have anymore?

Christa said...

Sorry, but I used up every last scrap of these. They were just too cute not to.