Monday, December 6, 2010

Rag Quilt Throws

A friend of ours recently gave me a cute twin-size flannel sheet set of penguins ice skating, skiing and sled riding. Unfortunately, my kids don't like flannel sheets on the bed, though. So I thought up the idea of making two rag quilt throws for them instead. (For some reason, they love blankets to cuddle up with.)

I cut up both the fitted and flat sheet to get enough 6" squares for two of these throws. I also added in a thrifted white flannel sheet set that I got for $4. Once you add in the fleece I used in place of batting, I have around $10 in both of the throws put together. Not bad for really cute throws that my kids love to pieces!

We were on vacation last week, and these were the projects I took along. I love to sew rag quilts, so this was a great vacation project. It was relaxing and fun - and profitable, too!

A few minor details, in case you're wondering ...

The squares were cut at 6". The seams are sewn at 1", making the finished squares 4". It really "cuts into" the finished size of the throw, but those fluffy edges are worth it!

In case you're like me and forget, save yourself a lot of cutting time and simply rip sheets to the desired size. I had a real "duh" moment when I remembered that. Let me tell you, it shortened my cutting time by at least a half hour for the white flannel sheets! All I did was make a small snip every 6". Then I went back and ripped, and it was perfectly sized.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This was a lot of fun! :)