Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homemade Gift: Another Raggy Star Quilt

While my good sewing machine was at the repair shop for a few days last week, I used my backup machine to quilt another raggy star quilt with the leftover star appliques from the first one.

I like this one even better! I used the same red homespun (that almost has a denim feel to it) and alternated with squares cut from a blue chambray fitted sheet. I backed each square with the opposite fabric to make the weights of the fabrics even out, and I added fleece between the layers of this one.

I absolutely LOVE how those star appliques turned out! I think I'll be trying this with some other shapes, too.

As a side note about my sewing machine ... I found a dear old man in my town who used to work as a certified repairman for Singer. He only charges $40 plus parts to fix sewing machines, and I had my machine back in two days!

I sincerely hope this man has a very long life because he was a huge blessing to me. :) He showed me exactly what he had to fix, so that I would know if it happened in the future. (The little latch that holds in the bobbin case in had somehow gotten "compressed," and he had to "spring it" a little so it would hold properly.) My sewing machine hasn't been behaving this well in years.


Shore Girl said...

At the rate your turning out quilts - you should have enough for ALL of your family and friends by Christmas! :)

Sophia said...

I hope so! It doesn't hurt that it's fun, too. :)

jemilyea said...

All I can say is when you get interested in a certain project/craft, you go all out!