Monday, January 17, 2011

Need your help deciding how to use fabric

I know I said I was going to be machine-quilting my sister-in-law's quilt for a few days, but my machine has decided to give me so many fits that it has to go to the repair shop for a good tune-up. I suspect something is bent inside, and I just can't find it myself. Hopefully it won't cost too much or take too much time because I really, really want to give her that quilt for her birthday in a few weeks! I have about half of it done, so at least I was able to make some progress.

However, the good news is that I have a back-up sewing machine. It's nothing fancy, but it sews and I don't have to put the whole bobbin casing back in every time I sew one seam, so that's great at this point! :)

That also means that I've turned my attention back to my stash of sheets, which is why I need your opinions.

I've had this striped fabric for a few months now. I just found the polka-dot fabric last week. Since both sets came with pillowcases, I think I'm going to combine these two on another reversible apron for my sister-in-law. It reminds me a lot of what she likes!

But I have a bit of a dilemma on the rest of the fabric. See, I have these three fabrics that I'm not sure about combining:

(I told you that I'm not that great at combining patterns.) I probably wouldn't have put them together except that they all happened to be in my pink/red stack and I noticed that they all had the same colors in them.

I have two flat sheets of the top one, two flat sheets (I think) of the middle one, and a flat and fitted sheet of the one on the bottom.

The other idea I had (and it's really tempting me right now) is to take that polka dot fabric and make my daughter and I matching dresses for Easter or Mother's Day. Wouldn't that be cute?!? I'm thinking of something with a flared skirt (and possibly some tulle worked in underneath to fluff it properly).

So, what are your thoughts? Should I go with the quilt or the matching outfits?

Thanks in advance for your help!!


angie said...

Go for the matching outfits! There is only a small window of time in which we can do this with our daughters.

Sophia said...

My sister-in-law has told me the same thing about matching outfits. :) She always dressed her girls (and herself) in the nicest matching outfits, but now that they're teen-agers they don't want anything to do with it!