Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Homemade Gift: Another reversible pillowcase apron

I've had these two pillowcases set aside for awhile now, waiting for the "time" to do them. Well, I've been trying to pick out my next big project. In the process of agonizing over the choices, I decided to take a break and make these.

Here's the other side. Do you recognize the fabrics? Yep, they're the same fabrics as the bright pink quilt I finished last week.

I made these a little different than the previous pillowcase aprons.

  • For starters, I ripped out the generous hem at the edge of the pillowcase to give myself a few more inches in length.
  • I was able to make these even longer since I had scraps of the polka dot fabric leftover from the quilt. I just used the scraps to make the ties so I didn't have to cut into the width of the pillowcase.
  • And since I was able to do that, I was also able to get two apron sides from each pillowcase instead of just one. So I made two identical aprons with my two pillowcases. One will go to my sister-in-law, and I might put the other one into my gift stash.
  • There were some stitching lines showing even after I pressed it, so I decided to add some decorative ribbon on top of the lines so they wouldn't show.

And there you have it - a fun apron. Enjoy! :)


Shore Girl said...

What bright and cheery aprons! Love the colors and the stripes and polka-dots together like that!

Epesse said...

Lovely polka dots fabric! I have an striped fabric so similar, maybe I use it in my next one. Thanks for sharing!