Thursday, February 17, 2011

Homemade Gift: Monogram Keychain

A few weeks back, a friend and I stopped in at Walgreens when they had whole cartloads of Christmas items for $0.05 each. Believe me, we rooted through those carts! I was thrilled to find this last lone monogram ornament in my Secret Sister's first initial:

Sure, it's a Christmas ornament, but haven't you seen keychains exactly like this? I thought so.

Take off the ribbon hanger, add a jump ring and keychain loop, and you have a quick, easy, but pretty gift.

Of course, I couldn't slap it into any old box and be happy. No, I used one of these Altoid tins I had decorated for Mother's Day a few years back. (We had a few leftover, and since I made them I got to keep them.)

Enjoy! :)

Linking to Gettin Crafty on Hump Day.


Shore Girl said...

Can't beat a gift for 5 cents - can you?

angie said...

Cartloads of merchandise for 5 cents each!!?? Wow, what a find! I would have been tempted to buy it all. It is fun to stash away for shoeboxes at those times.
Do you find any other treasures during that scavanger hunt?

Barbara said...

Love this idea!

Sophia said...

Angie - Actually, I did find quite a few things. I looked through my pictures to see if I took any pictures of it, but I didn't. :( Oh well - there was some candy (not even in holiday packaging), gift boxes, and some Christmasy "grow" creatures (that you put in water - my kids love those). I think that's all I got.