Saturday, February 19, 2011

Question: Would starch stain like this?

I'm hoping one of my blog readers can tell me if spray starch is the culprit for this nasty stain on my ironing board cover. It's a brownish stain, and there are several of them in the middle of the cover. I've ironed a few things with steam and had a brownish stain transfer to them (only a few things did this), so I'm getting a new ironing board cover. However, I don't want to ruin a new one.

I haven't starched my husband's white shirts for a few years, but I did for the first year or so [until I convinced him that "do not starch" means exactly what it says :) ]. I don't recall when these stains showed up, though. I do know that one of my visitors ironed something a little too hot and got a mess on the faceplate of my iron, so that could be to blame, too. I've since gotten rid of that iron because the marks wouldn't come off - unless it happened to be something really nice that I was ironing!

On the same note, does anyone know how to clean starch from the faceplate of an iron? I've been starching a few things in the last few days, and I noticed that I have a brownish build-up on the faceplate of my iron. It hasn't transferred to anything, but I'm scared to death that it will.

Any ideas?? Thanks in advance!


CraftyViolet said...

Yes, that could be starch built up and burnt on! The only way I clean my iron plate is to iron it on cotton setting onto a large piece of wax paper. It seems to clean it off and makes it easier to iron. You could try some white vinegar on a soft cloth first though. Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent and very safe.