Friday, February 11, 2011

Thrifting scores, Etsy update, and some input needed

I had another great vintage sheet day at a local thrift store yesterday. I have no idea what dear old ladies are donating all of their wonderful vintage sheets here, but it was like the whole store was restocked since last week. Fun, fun, fun! (I'm working on a vintage sheet project at the moment, so rest assured I'm not just stockpiling this stuff for the fun of it.) :)

Here are the sheets I got. See those two on the bottom? They are king-sized cotton sheets (King brand, too) in the most wonderful cotton fabric I've ever felt. They'll make an excellent quilt backing for $2.50 each!

Here's a better view of that top sheet. It has botanical prints all over it, in block form. I'm thinking they'd look pretty neat cut apart and framed in quilt blocks.

And then I scored all of these vintage pillowcases! There are actually two each of the 2nd and 3rd (from the top) pillowcases. Can you believe I got all of this for roughly $10? I recounted several times because I thought I had done the math wrong. :)

So, with that in mind, I decided to cut those pillowcases into fat quarters to make them more manageable. And, in the interests of sharing, I'm listing one each of the following fat quarters in my Etsy shop. (Check back a little later in the day since I don't have the listings ready quite yet.)

I don't know if these prints have any official names, so I'll be sure to name them before they go in my shop. Don't you just love the vibrant colors on this one?

This watercolor is so pretty, and I love that it mixes several colors (blue, pink, white).

This one reminds me a bit of the looks of seersucker. However, it's a lot thicker than seersucker and would certainly stand up to quilt-making. I love roses, so I couldn't pass these up!

Here's another wonderfully bright print in shades of blue.

And another vibrant multi-colored print.

All of these have been washed before cutting, and I've included an extra 1-2" on each side (over the standard 18x22") to allow for any unintended "wonkiness". Rest assured, though, they were all rotary-cut.

Now, on to the input I need ...

I'm working on a set of matching outfits for my daughter and I. (I have the polka dot set almost done, but not quite ready to post.) This is the pattern I chose for my daughter.

And this is the one I chose for myself. I'm fully aware that I'm crazy trying to fit a princess-seamed dress to my figure, but humor me for a few minutes. :)

Here is the fabric I'm using (which was a King flat sheet in its former life). It has a yellow background, just in case it doesn't show up too well on your screen. I was thinking of using just that and trying to add some additional interest to the dresses with a floral pin or something, and then I saw this "view" on my pattern:

This might be an "old" style to some, but it caught my attention. It's not a pairing I'd usually do, but it did make me think. I know I've admired these dresses when I've seen them in thrift stores, but they were never in my size (or in the right weight of fabric). Since I'm not a very decisive person, I'd love any input about what you think of these combinations, assuming the floral print would be "front and center":

Here's the "safer" combination - a coordinating solid yellow.

And here's the one I'm really not sure about - a yellow and white check.

If you've stuck with me this long, do you have any thoughts about which way I should go with my own dress? Should I look for a different style of dress for myself? Should I use one of these combinations? I'd love some input!


Julia said...

I like the plain yellow combination.

AmandaL said...

I like the floral and yellow checks together.

jemilyea said...

RE top photo, third sheet down with green and orange-sprigged flowers: it's so familiar! My mom or grandma had that sheet in a green/blue colorway. When I was little, my grandparents gave me a wooden doll bed (made in Haiti). Grandma made a mattress for it and sheets; the sheets were cut down from the green/blue sheet. She also made me a rag doll with an embroidered face and a green gingham dress. The doll's name is Clara and she fits in the bed perfectly.

About your planned dress: I like the floral and plaid combo better than the solid yellow.

Melanie said...

The two different fabrics dress is not my personal favorite, just because I would feel like the different fabric going down my middle would bring more attention to that area than I would want. However, if I were daring enough I really like the flowers and plaid (as odd as it may seem). The yellow dress in the corner of the pattern package is my favorite. I have a sewing machine, but don't do much more then mend clothing. I really wish I could make my daughter a dress. My sister is a wonderful seamstress. She even has her items for sell in two stores. Anyways, I love all the things that you have been making lately, especially the baby doll clothing.

Sophia said...

You know the funny thing about these vintage sheets? I really should remember using some of them, since I understand most of them are from the 70s ... but I don't. Since I was born in the late 70s, maybe I'd remember the 80s sheets more?? :)

Laura said...

Dear Sophia,
I just stopped over while visiting Susan's have some great ideas! I love thrift stores...and I find some wonderful items to use in my crafts. What a terrific idea for those king size sheets you found! I've used pillow cases to make shopping bags...they are the perfect size. You have a lovely blog...I will be back to visit again!

Have a blessed weekend,

Shore Girl said...

I vote floral and plaid as well!