Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another peek into our homeschool room

It's been awhile since I posted any pictures of our homeschool room, but I finally remembered to take pictures of our new jungle theme, so here you go:

I know the toucan isn't in proportion to the rest of it, but my kids love it! They especially love the monkeys with their fingers up to their lips. They were originally part of a set with the reading monkeys, so I think they were supposed to emphasize the fact that we should be quiet when other people are reading. However, I thought they looked a bit mischievous, so I had them poke out from behind the trees in various places. I think they're my kids' favorite part of this whole bulletin board! :)

The toucan and palm trees were luau decorations from Dollar Tree. The monkeys were in a bulletin board set from Dollar Tree. (There's more of that set in the next bulletin board.)

This combines a few different Dollar Tree bulletin board sets. They aren't all the same style, but my kids really do love this board, so who cares, right?

And lastly, I decorated the door with this parrot (also a Dollar Tree luau decoration) and hearts from a Dollar Tree valentine bulletin board set (the rest of the elements were used on the second bulletin board).

It's nice to walk into this tropical rainforest in the dead of winter!


Shore Girl said...

Looks like a fun room to learn in!

Julia said...

I have a teaching blog and was wondering if you would mind if I posted the pictures of your bulletin boards?


Sophia said...


No problem! Thanks for asking! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sophia,
I'm a former homeschooling mom and I think you have a bright and fun environment for your children.

I enjoy your blog.

The Journey said...

dollar tree is fun. there is a dollar store blog on line. check it out some time. Linda

Sophia said...

Is that the Dollar Store Crafts blog? I follow that one, but I'd love to know of any others you might know about, too! :)