Monday, March 7, 2011

Link Roundup

I have found some pretty incredible bloggers this week, thanks in part to link parties and links from other people's blogs. Here are the links I thought were especially worth mentioning ...

If you have a daughter that you're trying to raise to be a good homemaker, Teaching Good Things has a great list of goals to help you in guiding her before she leaves home. If you're trying to raise a boy into a manly man (i.e. a traditional role like I am), here is a great list of goals (from the same blog) for him before he leaves home. You don't have to do them all, but it's a great list to help get your own customized list going.

This bath mat from Susan Being Snippy was made from old towels. We probably all have at least one towel that is fraying around the edges, but we can't bear to throw it away. This is a great use for it!

This purse organizer from Creative "Try"als is made from a potholder and ziploc baggies. I've seen some pretty cute potholders even at Dollar Tree. This would make an excellent carry-all for a small crafts project like embroidery, or even a first-aid kit for your vehicle or purse.

Aren't these little messenger bags adorable? (The fabric is pretty awesome, too!) My daughter has a thing for purses, and I'm sure she'd love for me to whip up a few of these for her. You can find the tutorial over at Falafel and the Bee.

What are these things? They're pattern weights from Jelly Beans n Crafty Things made out of lug nuts. I'd love to make a few!

Just last week, I was trying to think of a good solution for storing my daughter's headbands. She likes to "fix" her own hair, and she loves headbands. (She's only five, so I think she does a pretty good job at it most days, all things considered.) Anyway, I was thrilled to find this ingenius idea from Mary Janes and Galoshes.

Wendy at Old Days Old Ways made this lovely 18" doll cape from a Santa hat. Too bad I don't have any Santa hats sitting around. You better believe I'll be picking up a few when they go on clearance next year!

Creative "Try"als made this apron from a bed skirt. I have an eyelet bedskirt someone gave me, so I'm tempted to make one!

You know I always enjoy a good 18" doll project. Well, here is a link to some mittens and a headband/earmuffs that Mama Jenn made from an old glove. (You'll have to go to her blog for pictures, but trust me - you want to! They're super-easy.)

Well, that's about it for this week. I hope you enjoy these links as much as I have!


Shore Girl said...

Especially liking those 18in. doll accessory links!

Susan Being Snippy said...

Thank-you so much for mentioning my bathroom rug tutorial! Strange way I found you and it, but I do appreciate the mention! Come again sometime and visit...