Monday, March 14, 2011

Sneak peek of a work in progress

You can probably guess that this is another quilt-in-progress. I'm trying a variation on the quilt-as-you-go joining that I've used in the past, and I'll be sure to let you know all about it once I'm finished.

A sneak peek is all I have today. I've been dealing with a very sick boy the last three weeks. My son got the flu the last week of February, and the fever just seemed to hang on and hang on. Since I knew there was nothing a doctor will do for the flu (or so I've been told), I didn't take him in. Then he had his well child appointment last week, still running a low-grade fever. The pediatrician told me that if he didn't get better in a week that I should bring him back.

He didn't get better. He was still running low-grade fevers through the day and occasional spiking fevers at night. So I took him back, and lo and behold, he has scarlet fever! Apparently he had strep throat at some point in this lovely flu journey, and we just thought it was flu symptoms. Since it wasn't treated, it turned into scarlet fever.

Thank the Lord we caught it when we did, or it could have turned into rheumatic fever! (They suspect that my mother had rheumatic fever as a child, and it damaged her heart.)

I well remember the winter I got strep throat well over five times. It was the year I taught two classes in fifth grade, in addition to my high school responsibilities. Every time a certain fifth-grade girl got strep throat, I got it. Without fail. And boy, did she get it a lot that year! Needless to say, I still remember what strep throat feels like, and I'm afraid I complained a whole lot more than my son did!

Lesson learned: my son must have a pretty high pain tolerance. Take him seriously when he says something hurts.

I hope you and yours are enjoying good health! :)

Anyway, I'm linking my "sneak peek" to Fiber Arts Monday at Teaching Good Things.


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Sophia, you are not good for my daily routine! You make me want to ditch all my "must-do's" and go quilt!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see this finished one!

Could you post more detail about the QAYG method?


Sophia said...


I shared my favorite instructional links for QAYG at the bottom of this post:

I ran across this "new" idea in the book Learn to Machine Quilt by Sharon Chambers (p.26). I'll post more about it soon, okay? :)

Ginny said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your son! I pray he is now on the mend. BTW, they do prescribe Tamiflu for children, so should he get the flu next year (I hope not!), take him in immediately.

Can't wait to see your latest quilt project. You must be the world's fastest seamstress the way you turn out these projects!

Sophia said...


Thanks for the info about Tamiflu. I had no idea!

DeeAnn said...

Poor lil' guy. I am so sorry. I hope he gets better soon. I am glad you caught it in time. My heart goes out to him. I had Scarlet Fever and Scarlet Rose on top of one another when I was a child. I know how he feels.

Your quilt is stunning.

DoleValleyGirl said...


Thanks for commenting on over on my blog (yarn and buttons post linked to Fiber Arts Monday). I'm happy to have found you even though I'm not a quilter. Between you and Kathy at Teaching Good Things, I may be inspired to give it a try this summer when our school schedule winds down.

Your pictures of vintage sheets inspire me to pull the box of linens I inherited from my grandmother out of our attic and see what's there. She also left several beautiful homemade aprons to me, one of which hangs proudly in my kitchen today.

Blessings! ~Lisa