Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

Since you all know I love thrift stores, I thought I'd devote Tuesdays (at least for awhile) to showing you our "finds" of the week. I might not have something every week, since we don't always go to the thrift stores every week. But when I do, I'll be sure to share them with you!

First up is this awesome rug that I'm sure someone had hung up on the wall for display. It still has the original tag on the back, and it was made in 1974. (I suppose it was "in anticipation" of 1976 ... )

Here you can see how its size compares to my son, who is just one inch shy of four feet tall. No, I didn't "doctor" this photo. The rug is truly as bright and vibrant as it looks. Since my husband likes eagles so much, we thought $15 was a good price for it ... especially after we found similar ones online for $100.

My parents are in the process of changing their kitchen/dining area into Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose (the same as mine). My husband found them these three canisters with rubber seals for $6 each. One had a small chip taken out of the back, so they gave us that one for $5. Considering a 4-piece canister set retails for over $60, I thought it was a good price. Oh, and that's a Tea Rose bud vase in the picture, too. Isn't it cute?

Here are my crafty scores for the week: Shrink-It baking boards to use with shrinky dinks ($0.25), wide black satin ribbon ($0.50), an unopened bag of tiny clothespins ($0.25), a vehicle sheet in the same pattern as my nephew has on his bed ($0.50), a vintage Care Bears pillowcase ($0.25), a beautiful piece of floral hemmed fabric ($0.25), a king-size blue vintage pillowcase ($0.50) and an ecru pillowcase with a gorgeous embroidered hem ($0.25). Most of these came from our favorite thrift shop that practically gives stuff away.

That same thrift shop yielded these cute little wooden birdhouses for something like $0.10 each. It was ridiculously cheap, and my friend (Shoregirl) decorates with birds and birdhouses, so I got them for her "just because".

Lastly, here are a few glass pieces I picked up. The two lidded pieces in the back were less than $1 each, and I'm going to mount them onto glass candlesticks to make apothecary jars. The two middle sundae cups are going to be made into a "blizzard in a cup". At $0.10 each, I couldn't pass them up!

The boot cups are for Cousin Camp, since our theme this year is Western. I forgot to count how many of these cups I've managed to collect this year, but these were only $0.40 each, so I figured I would err on the side of caution and buy them. My goal is to have one for each of the cousins to take home with them as a party favor (along with a bandanna, foam cowboy hat, etc.).

Have you found any good deals this past week? I'd love to hear about them!


Shore Girl said...

Looks like you scored some great finds for your collections (and mine too - thanks!!!!)!

Humble Homemaker said...

What amazing bargains! I adore thrift shopping too. My husband thinks I am crazy but I love finding treasures for thrifty prices. Thanks for sharing. :) Also, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I am glad you enjoyed the Humble Homemaking Weekend Review Party!
Humble Homemaking

rita jean said...

Love that rug with the eagle and libery bell on it! Definately an awesome piece of art!
Also wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. :)

Lyssa said...

That's the first thing I thought, "wow what great color on that rug!"
You found some really great stuff. I love that vintage care bear pillow case! My girls would love that.
Thanks again for linking up to my Thrifty Thursdays!
Hopefully next week, I can find some more vintage sheets!