Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

We visited my husband's family last week, and we were able to hit a few of the local thrift stores. My husband was gracious enough to take me to the local St Vincent de Paul's, since (in his words), "It always smells a little musty, so I figured you could probably find some of your vintage sheets in there." I'm not sure about that reasoning, but isn't he thoughtful? :) And no, it didn't smell musty this time. (Even he noticed.)

This is one of my finds there - 2 yards of brand-new flannel.

This is a vintage pillowcase I found at the Salvation Army for $0.49.

I found this at another shop that takes a little courage to go into. It feels something like a cave or abandoned warehouse in there. I might not have gone in at all, but I stumbled upon a mother lode of vintage sheets in this store on our last visit, so we popped in again.

In all of our shopping, I got several sheets (as you'll soon see), and they averaged out to $2 each. Some were a little more, some a little less, but that's a good average.

Here's a nice vintage green stripe.

This yellow/orange impressionist combination isn't faded; it's just the best picture I could get with my camera in my current lighting conditions.

I was delighted to find this 100% cotton Tommy Hilfiger sheet! I can't decide what to make with this - quilts, aprons, dresses for my daughter ... It's so cute!

Here is a fun kid print that was originally a fundraiser for "Save the Kids" or something like that. I thought it would make some cute crayon rolls to give as gifts, if I don't incorporate it into a quilt first. It's 100% cotton.

Here's another beautiful vintage sheet. I was thrilled to find it, since I don't have many vintage blues.

This ties with the Tommy Hilfiger sheet as my favorite find! Yes, it's vintage. Isn't it gorgeous?? It's so bright and vivid, and I love the color combination!

Here's another fun vintage sheet that is as bright as the day it was opened. It looks like it's all purple in this photo, but there's actually more pink in it in real life. I was thrilled to find this one because I've admired this pattern on other blogs but never managed to find any in my travels.

I thought the smallish flowers on this vintage sheet would be good for quilt-making.

Here is a vintage yellow sheet that looks like lace. I'm thinking it will make some nice quilt borders!

Here's another orange, a color that I don't have a lot of. I'm not overly fond of orange, but I do like how it blends with yellows. Again, it's not as faded as it appears in this picture, or I wouldn't have bought it. :)

Lastly, this one wasn't a thrifting find, but it certainly deserves mention. I was picking up a prescription at Wal-Mart last week with my kids, and I ran across a major shoe clearance. I picked through all of the shoes and found these cowboy boots for my son. He loves cowboy boots, and I loved the price - $5! Too bad they didn't have them in a few sizes, or I would have bought a pair for the next few sizes, too. This was the last one they had, and it was the size he wears now. You should have seen his face when I showed them to him! :)

Well, that's it for my show and tell. I'd love to hear about any thrifting deals you've gotten lately!

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Shore Girl said...

And the sheet stack grows larger --- you sure did find lots of them!
We've been too busy to do a lot of shopping of late, but I did manage to find an old muffin tin (for an altered project I want to do) for something like $1. And to think I found it on the very day I decided to start looking for one!!

Sophia said...

Yes, my stack is growing a little larger. As a result, I've been doing my best to work up my courage and cut into them. So far, so good. You'll see a few more projects in the coming days! :)

Judy said...

Hi there,

Just thought I would tell you that the sheet you said tied in with the Tommy Hilfiger's as your favorite--the floral yellow, pink and blue--is exactly like one we received for a wedding gift back in 1971!!

Julia said...

You have inspired me with all of your vintage sheets projects. I have just started collecting. I just found the other day an orangish set just like the yellow lace one you have. Looks like you found some good ones this time!

Lyssa said...

You lucky lucky lady! The sheets just kept coming! What a stash! Great finds this week! I'm going to have to start branching out to find more stuff soon too! I can't wait to see what comes from these!
Thanks for linking up!!

Michelle said...

I really adore the floral print vintage sheets! Especially the dainty blues, pinks and yellows. Lovely finds, thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

Wow what a great collection! I'm loving all of them, especially the florals. Great finds!

Lindsay Conner said...

Lucky finds!