Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

I had another great week for vintage sheets last week! After I checked out with $10 worth of sheets, the lady told me that they had gotten a pile of sheets in, so I should check back in a day or two. I can't begin to tell you the restraint I exercised in not rushing back in the next day! :)

This was the same store where I've found most of my vintage sheets. A huge bonus? They have a preferred shopper card that they initial every time you make a $10 purchase (and they do it in increments of $10 - 2 initials if you buy $20, etc.). Once you've done that something like eight times, you get a $10 store credit. I won't tell you how close I am to that store credit, but please know that the rest of my family has contributed quite a bit toward that total, too!

Here is a lovely orange version of a print I have already in blue. I'm not usually an "orange person," but I love this one! My daughter has already asked if I could make her a dress out of it, but I'm not totally sure how that would look. We'll see!

Here is a lovely blue vintage floral. While I love yellow, I'm happy to be finding vintage sheets in colors other than yellow so I can broaden my vintage quilting horizons.

Here is a really cool vintage blue stripe ...

... and an equally cool two-tone vintage pink stripe. I didn't realize this was vintage until I looked at the tag.

This one isn't vintage, but I love ginghams. They make great filler fabrics, and I love them for aprons, too. I got a whole King bed set in this blue gingham: fitted sheet, flat sheet, two king ruffled pillowcases. The sheets were only $2 each, and the pillowcases for $1.25 for the pair. You can't beat that price for yardage!

Seriously, can you believe this is a sheet? I wasn't convinced until I checked the tag. I love it! This is definitely going into my "clothing of some sort" stack. :)

Have you found any great deals at thrift stores this week? I'd love to hear about them!

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Phyllis said...

These are some great finds. I really love the gingham and great price.

Shore Girl said...

Never been especially keen on vintage yellow, but the blues sure are pretty! I've found lots of fun stuff (for my bathroom re-do) in thrift stores lately you'll be seeing it (made-over) in my upcoming posts! Isn't it fun finding "treasures" for cheap?

Rhonda said...

I like the rose one very much.

One of the thrift stores in my town also has a punch card. You get a punch for each $5 in purchases and when you get to $50 I think, you get $5 off.

I've been shopping there a long time and I think I almost have my
3rd card filled up.

Lyssa said...

I love the vintage blue floral too! They are so pretty and rare! Great finds :)
Thanks for your link ups to Thrifty Thursdays!