Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday

It was another good thrifting week at my local stores! We went to three of them and only spent about three hours, so I was thrilled with what we found in that time.

This lovely vintage yellow/orange print is in brand-new condition. If I had to guess, someone took it out of the plastic but never put it on a bed. It still had the creases from being folded for something like 30 years in its original packaging. It was nice and crisp, just like new linens. I can't tell you how excited I was to find this one! :)

Here's another nice vintage sheet that I was thrilled to find. I had just found this one a few weeks ago in a fitted sheet. Upon inspecting it, I discovered the pattern was almost completely worn off in the middle. I put it back, but I really liked the print. Well, I found it in a flat sheet this week, and it's still nice and bright.

Don't you just love eyelet-trimmed sheets? This one isn't vintage, but check out that row of double lace! It's a king-size sheet, to boot, priced at $2.50. I've been collecting a few of these, hoping to make some pretty skirts or petticoats for my daughter and myself. (No, we don't regularly wear petticoats. I was thinking of them for special outfits.)

Goodwill had this 45 mm Olfa rotary cutter sitting down where any young child could grab it and do some serious harm to themselves. You have to love it when they're clueless enough to price this at $1. It did bother me, though, that they were clueless enough to put it down on a child's level. Thank goodness I found it when I did!

Not shown: the $5 Rowenta iron I passed up. It looked like it had some rust on the plate, so I passed it by just to be safe. I know, I'm crazy. This is the second Rowenta iron I've passed up in a month at that very same Goodwill store. I'm hoping for another one at some point, one that doesn't have rust on it. :) (I iron our clothes a lot, too, so I use my iron quite a bit.)

Check out this vintage sewing thread that came together in a bag for $1!

Aren't these little ones cute? These three are definitely vintage, but they're on plastic spools instead of the wooden ones.

These are also vintage, on the wooden spools. It looks like most of the spool is still there, if not all of it! Boy, wouldn't it be nice to get thread for $0.19 again? :)

I was thrilled to find seven spools of cotton thread (350 yards per spool) in this same bag! I'm gong to do the unthinkable and actually use this stuff. I'm not sure what year it was sold, but I do know that I haven't seen $0.80/spool in my crafting years, so it should be vintage.

I picked up another bag of thread for $1. See this? It's vintage quilting thread! I don't think I've ever seen quilting thread in these colors (except the white, of course). Not only that, but it looks like they're still completely full spools.

This one is even on a wooden spool. $0.35 for quilting thread??

Okay, so the price rose $0.10 on these. Still, $0.45 for 250 yards of quilting thread is a great price! The fact that I paid even less than the original purchaser is even better! ;) It's not often you can say that about vintage items.

This is a lovely red color. I was surprised by how bright it still is.

If you're interested in any of these vintage threads, check my Etsy shop. I'll use that cotton thread, but I'll give someone else a chance at the rest of them.

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Shore Girl said...

The eyelet trimmed sheet is my favorite - love eyelet!

Lisa said...

You are so lucky to have three thrift stores near by you! I can't wait to see what you do with all your treasures. Thanks for stopping by my blog!