Friday, April 15, 2011

Quilt with Me: Day Five

This was another busy day, but I was happy to get a nice amount accomplished on the quilt.

I did one row while my son was finishing his seatwork (a long, involved process of waiting most days). Then my husband and I had to run out for a few things, and my nephew (who is staying with us for a few months) graciously agreed to watch the kids for us since none of them wanted to go along. While we were out, we quickly stopped at three local thrift shops where I discovered that everyone had been spring cleaning their grandmothers' linen closets. (More on that Tuesday!)

When we got back, we had supper. After washing the dishes with my daughter (not a quick process, since she's five), I sat down at the sewing machine and stitched up two more rows. That brings me to a total of four rows stitched:

I really like how this one is turning out!

ETA: If you're having trouble visualizing how this is put together, let me try to explain ...

First, you quilt each individual square. This makes the quilting process a lot easier on a regular sewing machine, since most people don't have the money to invest in a long-arm.

In order to join squares (and rows), you need to add a joining strip on the back to encase the raw edges. To do this, you cut 1-1/2" strips the length of your block. Iron them in half to form a 3/4" strip with raw edges on only one side. This is your joining strip.

Now you're going to put two quilt squares right sides together and add the joining strip at the back of the "sandwich," aligning all raw edges. Sew the seam and open it out. You now have all raw edges on the back.

This is where the joining strip comes into play. You take the folded edge of the joining strip and fold it over to enclose the raw edges. Stitch it in place, and you now have no exposed raw edges. You're ready to move on to the next square.

If it sounds complicated, it really isn't. I'll try to get pictures of the process at some point for people who are visual learners like me. :)


Shore Girl said...

Lookin' Good!

Shirley said...

Thanks for explaining it! I figured that is what the strips were for, but I was 'in denial' of having to take that extra step! I guess that is the trade-off for the ease gained by quilting-as-you-go... I'll definitely have to try it to see how I like it! I don't have a long-arm so my 'quilting' is either minimal or done by hand (which of course means not done very often!).