Monday, April 18, 2011

Quilt with Me: Day Six

I am thrilled with how the quilt progressed today! Honestly, I don't know how I managed to get it all done because I didn't shirk any of my responsibilities to do it. My kids were homeschooled properly, I cooked breakfast and supper (we usually have leftovers for lunch), I did a little bit of cleaning, and we even had the evening taken up with other responsibilities.

First of all, I finished piecing the rows. It works beautifully to have the batting cut smaller (so that it doesn't interfere in the seams), especially when you're joining rows. It was so much easier this time!

Then I finished joining the rows! It was a lot easier to stitch the rows together, but there's still too much bulk in the seams to machine-sew the back sashing strips down (which is my preference because it's faster). I machined-sewed the rows, then hand-sewed each sashing strip. I finished the last of the hand-sewing just minutes before bedtime.

That's my 16-year-old nephew holding the quilt, and he commented on how nice it turned out. Yes, he's a very gracious 16-year-old, but he won't tell you something if he doesn't mean it. I was happy that he liked it, because I really like it, too. Of course, this one isn't for him. It's a custom order. But I think she's going to like it, too!

Tomorrow I'm on to the binding!

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Shore Girl said...

Still my favorite one so far (except for maybe the pink one you did similar!) --- it turned out so very pretty!

Pamela said...

Your quilting is so neat. I'd try more quilting if I didn't have to cut the squares. I'm just not good at keeping them all even which makes the quilt uneven. I love the blue one although the pink is beautiful, too. It amazes me how much you get done in a day with everything that is on your plate.