Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quilt with Me: Day Two

My second day of working on the quilt was also during revival, but I was pleased with what I accomplished in my busy day. (If you're just jumping in here, you may want to go back one post to read what I'm talking about.)

You know I can't waste scraps, so the first thing I did (before the kids were awake and before I could risk ripping sheets for fear of waking them up) was to cut up the scraps from the day before.

I have a system for doing this. If the grain is straight and I still have 2" on the edge strip that I straightened the grain with, I cut that into a 2" strip (like a quilt "jelly roll," just a different width). If the edge strip includes the top of the sheet, which usually has a bigger hem, I cut a 2-1/2" strip from that edge, too. I save each of these in a little collection, which I hope to use on a jelly roll quilt sometime in the future.

For bigger scraps, I like to cut them into squares ranging from 3-6" or 12". It all depends on how big my scrap is. I group these by size, in rainbow order. Essentially, I'm making my own charm packs (in different sizes) from my scraps. I can't wait to get enough to make a scrappy quilt!

What you see above is the result of a few minutes of cutting my scraps so they can be neatly filed away.

Then, once the kids were up, I tackled the ripping/cutting of the backing, sashing and binding strips. Since I'm doing this in the quilt-as-you-go style, my backing fabric is cut into 8" squares, too.

Not shown: I was able to cut batting squares (7-1/2") from batting leftover from a previous project. I was able to get about half of my batting squares from it, so I was pretty happy. That's one of the benefits of using the same type of batting all the time.

And the last thing I had time for on this busy day was a quick quilt mockup on my computer. The purpose of this one was to help me keep it random. It's probably not perfectly random, but it's close.

That's it for another busy day!


Shore Girl said...

Oooooo I love the look of that quilt! I'd have to say it's the prettiest one yet!!! (But then that's because I like blues)