Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Homemade Gift: Floral Tote and Matching Wallet

I had so much fun combining fabrics on the other totes that I went through my stash and made a few more pairings while I was at it. I made this tote and wallet for my Secret Sister for Mother's Day.

I used a non-vintage sheet from my stash paired with the Vintage Brown and Yellow Floral decorator fabric from my shop.

I lined it with the decorator fabric and added one of my new labels (courtesy of this tutorial by Patchwork Pottery).

Here it is with the matching wallet.

I discovered that I like the Velcro closure better than magnetic snaps for this size of wallet. It seems to hold better and the edges of the flap don't curl up.

I still had a zipper to use on this one, so I made it with a zippered pouch.

My Secret Sister isn't so secret anymore. I'm the only one in our church that does this sort of thing, so my gifts always give me away. I'm over that already. I've decided to just be me and let people figure it out early. They never seem to mind, since they all enjoy the gifts I make for them. :)

At any rate, she was pretty impressed. And I was pretty happy because I made her feel special and happy, and I didn't have to spend a fortune to do it. I just invested some of my time into it. Friends are always worth the time.


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angie said...

Love the fabric combination. Vera Bradley could take some hints from you!

Shore Girl said...

Love these purse/wallet sets!

Dacia said...

What a beautiful set! Thanks for the blog visit and kind comment :)