Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrifting Tuesday: Vacation Edition

Before I get to the regular post, I thought I'd mention something to fellow bloggers who might be blindsided by IE9 upgrades. I just upgraded to IE9, but Blogger isn't compatible with it yet. (Don't get me started on that.) As a result, you can save posts, but you can't publish anything. If you run into this problem, simply install Firefox and use it instead. It works perfectly.

Now, on to the regularly scheduled post ...

Why did I call this the vacation edition of Thrifting Tuesday? Well, we were on vacation last week. As a result, I shopped a lot more than usual. (You'll understand when you see all these pictures.)

My family loves thrift store shopping, so we generally look up all the thrift stores near where we're vacationing and try to get to most of them. Maybe your family enjoys skiing, but I'll take our hobby any day - it's a lot cheaper! ;)

Let's get on to the deals ...

We found a small church charity shop that (amazingly enough) wasn't connected to the church, and I found this cute sheet with the Shirt Tails characters on them. I remember them from when I was a kid, but I didn't know what they were called. My husband remembered, though. (He's 4-1/2 years older than me so he remembers older things better than I do.)

My kids thought these characters were really cute, so I got the sheet for $1 and figured I'd make something for them from it. Any ideas? I think they'd make adorable appliques, but I'm not sure my untried applique skills are up to that yet.

I found this full-size quilt-style sheet at a Goodwill, still brand-new in the package. It's styled in the "cheater quilt" fashion. This will be going in my Etsy shop.

This is one of my favorite vintage sheet finds of all time! (There are a few more coming, too.)

This is one of a whole cartload of vintage sheets I found in the most unlikely Salvation Army store. It looked like it wasn't even open from the outside. When we walked in, there were two shelves of bric a brac. I wasn't expecting much when I looked for the linen section, but was I in for a surprise! I think I got 10 sheets at that place, and they were priced lower than usual.

I've never seen this vintage print before, but I love it. I don't find many vintage purples.

Since I love pink so much, I was especially thrilled that they had one in pink, too!

These small cabbage roses are another of my favorites. They make me think of babies and little girls ... and quilts. I'm going to plan long and hard before I cut into this beauty!

Isn't this a fun print? I've never seen this one before, either, but I was thrilled to find two flat sheets in it. They're nice and bright, too.

This was a fitted sheet that was pretty worn in the middle. I got it for the outside edges. There is enough good fabric here to make some quilt blocks from, and I have this same print in a few other colorways. It was worth the $1 I paid for it. :)

Here's another "cheater quilt"-style sheet. This is done in the crazy quilt style. (At least it looks like a crazy quilt to me.)

This pretty floral is another of my favorites. I just love pink and yellow together. When you add in roses, I just can't pass it up.

This blue floral has a linen feel to it. Can you see the roses? I was hooked immediately!

I got this print in a set of pillowcases. I like to balance out my florals, so I immediately snatched these up.

Here is a green stripe that I got in two more pillowcases.

And I finally found a vintage gingham! This print was from two pillowcases.

This is a fun print that combines stripes and florals. There was only one of these pillowcases, but I was happy to find it.

My husband found this tiny floral vintage sheet for me. It's perfect for quilting, since the flowers are so small.

He also found this vintage stripe set. This one is pretty versatile, thanks to all the colors.

Here's an orange/blue/green vintage floral combination that my husband found.

That's the last of the vintage sheets. Let's move on to the more modern sheets that I found (and loved) ...

I couldn't say no to this fun stripe! I have several ideas for it already.

Here's another floral that I dearly love. These roses are pretty big.

These roses are much smaller. I found this as a set of pillowcases. It's so pretty and soft!

My husband found this one for me and guessed (correctly) that it looked like something I'd enjoy working with. Since it's a king-size sheet, I have lots to work with! :)

I also managed to find some decorator fabrics ...

This whole assortment of scraps came in a big bag for $2. Most of it was at least 1/2 yard. I'm pretty sure these came from a decorator's sample book. I've already used all of this, and I'll share that project with you soon.

This also came in that same bag. I've used all of this ...

... and all of this. Again, I'll share the project soon!

I still have this left from that bag. I'm waiting for just the right idea.

I found 1-1/4 yards of this Waverly decorator print for $0.75. I've used all of this. (Project coming soon.)

My husband found a whole pile of this gorgeous ornate decorator fabric for me. It's called "Passage to India" by P. Kaufman. I have a few ideas in mind for it, but I have enough that I might put some in my shop, too.

Lastly, I found these two CK lettering CDs at a thrift shop for $2 each. Regular retail on one of these is $36.95. I happen to know that one font will cost about $2 at Lettering Delights, where you can purchase them individually. There are over 60 fonts on each of these CDs, plus a whole pile of graphics. It just so happens to include all of my favorite CK fonts, so I was thrilled with this find!

I do have one more thrifting find that I'll share tomorrow. It's not related to vintage sheets or anything, but it deserves it's own post. You'll understand tomorrow. :)


Ginny said...

The sheet with the cabbage roses is so pretty! I'd love something like that for my bed.

And better than just using Firefox for Blogger, use it all the time! It's a much better browser, and much less vulnerable to attack and viruses.

Sophia said...

I probably should switch to Firefox, but I'm just so used to IE. I know my way around it a lot better.

Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

Wow - those sheets are awesome! I love that quilt-like one in the package. So fun!

Pat Hathaway said...

Regarding the "shirt tales" sheet and applique--have you tried using "stitch whitchery"? When my daughter was a high school cheerleader we used to applique fabric letters to t-shirts for the girls. You put the fabric shape on the stitch whitchery and cut it out, iron it to whatever fabric thing you want, then zig-zag stitch around it with an almost satin stitch setting on the sewing machine. That way if the fusing material comes loose in the dryer it is firmly and attractively sewn in place.

Sophia said...

Thanks, Pat! I knew it was one of the fusibles I've seen at the fabric store, but I didn't know which one. I'm a little intimidated by the satin stitch on my machine, since my machine seems to mess up every time I get anywhere close to a satin stitch. (Lately it's been skipping stitches at random when I'm zig-zagging.) I think I just need to have it serviced again.