Friday, June 24, 2011

Homemade Gift: File Folder Notebooks

As I was cleaning out my craft room for the "big redo" last week, I pulled out several packs of these gorgeous file folders Dollar Tree used to carry. I've been hoarding them since they're so pretty (and no longer available). I also had a pile of spiral notebooks left from last year's back-to-school sales. Since those sales will be coming again shortly, I decided to go ahead and use up my stash of notebooks and make them really, really pretty.

This is probably my favorite use for decorative file folders, but that might have something to do with the fact that I love paper. I have since I was a kid. I always had two or three notebooks going at once, and my kids are following in my footsteps.

Several of the folders had a design on the front and a decorative "filler" design on the back. For those, I replaced both covers and used an entire file folder for each notebook.

Here's another one - same basic print, different colors.

And here's another one, done in roses.

... And another rose one.

Several of them had the same design on both the front and back of the file folder, so I got extra mileage out of those. I only replaced the front covers of these notebooks.

Here's another one with a decorative front and regular backing.

As you might have guessed, I still have some file folders leftover. I'm going to check my school room to see if I have any more spiral notebooks. If not, I'll just cover some as I get them in this year's back-to-school sales.

As I made these, I knew I couldn't use 20+ spiral notebooks myself, no matter how much I love them. So I'm thinking of taking them along to Ministerial next year, as a little gift to each of the minister's wives. I've done that for the past two or three years, and it's always been well-received.

If you're wondering how to replace the covers of a spiral notebook, you can check my post here.


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Shore Girl said...

Great use of those folders! I really like the prints of them as well, and have ended up using several of them as folders to hold templates/patterns/paper piecings etc. instead of re-purposing them.

Simply Scaife Family said...

They are beautiful. Such a neat idea; folders are quite drap sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

Antonella said...

I love those folders - yes I am addicted to paper and bought many of those folders myself. This is such a great way to re-purpose them. Did you add the folder to the top of the notebook because I couldn't imagine punching all those holes and then putting the spiral binding back on! Wow! I popped over from the Marvelous Mess Linky party where I've also linked up, stop by if you like.
Hugs, antonella :-)

Sophia said...


Yes, I did punch all those holes with my Cropadile and put the spiral binding back on top. :)

It makes it a little easier if you're doing a few notebooks at a time. Then you can stack several covers and punch them all at once. Of course, they have to be from the same manufacturer, or the holes might not line up the same.


Honey at 2805 said...

Your revamped notebooks turned out beautifully! To bad the folders are no longer available as they are so pretty!