Friday, June 10, 2011

Vintage Sheets Quilt #6

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Today I'm sharing a quilt I just finished this week. I had everything but the binding done before all my nieces and nephews came on Monday. I hadn't planned to do much sewing or quilting this week, but I did want to finish this quilt. Fortunately, I got a little time one afternoon to sew on the binding, and it's already on its way to the new owner.

Please excuse the Skechers in the photo background. With nine kids in the house this week, there's bound to be a sneaker "sneaking" into a photo here and there. :)

I really like the blue and purple color scheme for this one.
I used a scrappy binding, and you can even see one of my shop labels peeking out of the corner of the back.

I can't wait to show you the next one, but I haven't even started it yet. I'm really excited about working with it, though, and I hope it will turn out like I'm envisioning it.


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Shore Girl said...

I like the blue/purple color combination.

God's Girl H said...

That is really beautiful!
Miss Sophia, is there any place where I can get HTML thing-y to link to your blog on mine? Thank you!

Sophia said...

"God's Girl H" -

Were you thinking of a "button"? I don't have one done up just yet, but I could probably design one soon if you're interested.

Thanks! :)

God's Girl H said...

Yeah...a button! (I'm not very good at this thing they call "technology"!) ;) I don't know how hard it is to make a button, but if you could in your spare time (ha ha) that would be so neat!
My Mom and I find your quilts so inspirational. We are going to try to make a sashed quilt of our own!
I love the doll skirts that she bought me from you! They are a perfect fit and they are so adorable!
Thank you!

Sparkling said...

this one is just as awesome as the one i commented on last week. love the look of these!!