Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oriental Pink Zippered Clutch #2

I had plenty of scraps to finish a second clutch with these fabrics leftover from my large Oriental Pink Tote, and this time I experimented with quilting them. I really like how it turned out!

This one also has a grosgrain ribbon strap for carrying. I have a very small wrist (my kids like to borrow my watch), so I made it with enough wiggle room for larger wrists, too.

This clutch is approximately 9-1/2 x 5" and is 2" deep at the bottom. It has a metal zipper closure and is lined inside with the beige fabric, which I upcycled from a pretty bedsheet.

As I said yesterday, I made myself a clutch, and I love to take it with me when I'm not doing a marathon errand run. (I need just about everything in my purse on those runs.)

These are perfect for shopping at the thrift store or market, since they won't let loose and whack you at an unsuspecting moment while you're bending down inspecting something. They also don't hide behind your back or in your cart, where you always have to keep an eye on them, in case someone else decides to help themselves to the contents. I have found it much easier to browse through racks of sheets with a clutch hanging from my wrist, rather than a purse hanging on my shoulder.

It's in my shop, if you're interested. Enjoy! :)

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Shore Girl said...

Your on a roll with that material!!
Maybe this is why I usually carry a small purse even though I like some of the bigger much bother to keep track of!

Michelle L. said...

Hi, Sophia - I love all three of your pink oriental nifties! i esp. love this one because it's such a soothing color combo.