Friday, August 12, 2011

Cousin Camp 2011: Cousin Camp Celebration

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On Wednesday I shared our Cousin Camp birthday party with you. Today I thought I'd share our Cousin Camp Celebration to finish up this year's Cousin Camp highlights.

Since I went with a western theme this year, I decided to carry that over into our games, too.

"There's a snake in my boots!" The object of this game was to see how many tiny plastic snakes they could drop into a boot. They got a ticket for each one that made it.

Then we did some lassoing with a hula hope and clothesline rope. Our springy horse was lassoed just a few times, mostly by the younger kids. It was a lot harder than it looks! For each time they lassoed the horse in 30 seconds, they got a ticket.

Then we practiced our marksmanship with half-filled water bottles and a dart gun. They got to take all the shots in two guns, and they received a ticket for each time they hit a bottle. The older kids did better with this one, but all of them seemed to enjoy it.

Then we had a short duel with water guns. This is when it started to rain, so only two of them got to duel it out. The ticket went to the last person that was squirted.

That's when we had to move the activities inside. My husband graciously agreed to hold our horseshoe stake in place. I'm sure he wouldn't have done it if they were real horseshoes, but these were just plastic. We did this in our hallway.

As you can see, even the young kids did pretty good with this one!

And then it was time to cash in those tickets at the prize store. As usual, my dad had a blast hamming it up for the grandkids.

He was Trader Jake, and his gun made sure that no one stole anything!

The kids loved the prize store about as much as the activities, and it's no wonder. My dad is a kid at heart and always enjoys this sort of thing.

So there you have our Cousin Camp 2011 recap. If you ever do a Cousin Camp (even a short version), I'd love to see photos of yours!