Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Beginning Quilting Series: My Part Two

Suzy has posted lesson two for the Summer Beginning Quilting Series, in case you haven't seen it yet. I've completed part two and am sharing my results with you today.

So, can I use the QAYG method with this quilt?

I discovered that my project is the perfect size to go through my machine without the need of QAYG, so I simply pieced the top for this installment. However, I don't see why you couldn't use the QAYG method if yours is larger. Simple divide your quilt into manageable sections (maybe 2 or 4), and plan for joining strips between your sections.

How big is this quilt?

My squares were significantly smaller, so my quilt will be, too. I decided to make it a 36x36" baby quilt by varying the size of my sashing strips. I simply added 6" sashing to the outside edges. I'm planning to bind it in a vintage blue solid. (Tip: Pick up vintage solid sheets when you find them, since the colors are sometimes difficult to match up with current fabrics.)

If you follow the instructions and your squares end up "square," your quilt will be a nice throw-size quilt, if a little on the small side.

Do you like this design made with scraps?

Mine has a scrappier look to it since that's what I used - scraps. But since I stuck with two color families, it still has a coordinated look to it. I happen to like that look just fine, so I'm happy with it.

I was a little worried how it would turn out, since these particular vintage colors are more muted than the vibrant (and dark) colors that she chose. However, as you can see, it turned out with a recognizable pattern and recognizable color scheme.

So, what about you? Have you tried this yet? (I'd love to see pictures!) If not, it's still not too late. Here's the first lesson to get you started. :)

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Shore Girl said...

Looks like your having fun and turning scraps into something useful too!

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

How sweet!