Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blue Patchwork Quilted Bag

I'm winding down the projects for my Etsy customer's wedding next month. I'm working on the last quilt, a banner, and four patchwork bags yet.

Since I have one of the bags completed (the others are well underway), I thought I'd share it with you today.

She wanted some gifts for friends who were helping with the wedding, and these will look so nice with the patchwork quilts that will be on display. (The quilts are doing triple duty as photo backdrops and bridesmaids' gifts, too.)

I used a bunch of my precut 4" squares for this bag. (I cut all my scraps into certain square sizes so these kinds of projects are so much faster and easier.) I made it four squares across and four squares down, so it's roughly 13x12" finished.

I quilted an "X" on each square, and then I went back and quilted "in the ditch", too. 

She asked to have a button closure on these, and I had a time deciding on the perfect button ... until I remembered the stash of cover-your-own buttons I've collected from thrift stores. (Seriously, I must have 50 of them in different sizes.) This button was perfect! The size perfectly highlighted the flower that is also repeated on a fabric in the bag itself.

Of course, I added pockets to the inside to help organize it better. The solid blue lining is also a vintage sheet. I collect solid-color vintage sheets when I find them because they are perfect for this purpose.

I really enjoyed making this bag, and I'm so glad she custom-ordered it because now I have another great bag design to offer! Stay tuned for more patchwork bags because I have three more to go for this wedding order. Who knows? I may make a few more for the shop, too!


Shoregirl said...

Love all the pockets inside -- great organizer idea!

busyknittymom said...

So pretty! I hope the bride who commissioned the quilts and bags will let you post a few photos of the quilts used as backdrops. I'd never have thought to do that, but I bet the photos will turn out lovely!