Friday, January 27, 2012

Another collage-style card

After I made the Mother's Day cards, I decided to go ahead and do another collage-style card with these mini images that have to do with writing.

This one could be used for many occasions, and I decided to use a sentiment on the inside. That way, I can decide what to use it for when I need it.

I have a funny problem with my cards. I run out of birthday cards, so I make a whole pile of them. And suddenly I have a need for tons of "thinking of you" cards instead. Inevitably, the cards I just made for birthdays would make perfect "thinking of you" cards, but I already have a birthday sentiment on them. So I decided to experiment and make a few cards that I can add a sentiment to when I need them.


Shoregirl said...

Another great use of inchies! I'm with you on waiting to stamp the sentiment till later -- unless I have a specific person/occasion in mind when I make the card!