Monday, January 30, 2012

Teacup Cards

I bought these teacup images as gift enclosure cards when they were clearancing them from the $1 bins at Michaels. I love teacups, and the designs were just my style, so I got a whole pack of each design I liked. After giving one of each card to my daughter to write in, I had 11 of each left.

I didn't get around to making anything with them until our cardmaking day, but when I finally hit on a design I liked, I decided to do them all (11 of each of these designs). I'm leaving them without a sentiment until I need them, so they are more versatile. (The sentiment will go on the bottom, where there is "blank space".) I've been sending a lot of small "thinking of you" packages lately, and I thought it would be wise to be able to use them for those packages or for ladies' birthdays, if needed.

Of course, I hat to cut out each of the teacups/mugs before I could use them. I used an X-acto knife for the insides of the handles.

This was also a great use for the huge pack of doilies I had bought for cardmaking awhile back, so I was very happy to use up some stash on these cards.


jemilyea said...

These cards are lovely! Now I must quit blog browsing and continue getting ready for work.

Laura Jane said...

These are so sweet!
Have you heard of OPERATION WRITE HOME? made to send to our TROOPs so they cand have HANDMADE cards ti WRITE HOME in. CHECK it out.

Shoregirl said...

I love teacups too -- how can you go wrong making cards with those?!
My favorite is the 1st one -- love those colors!

Christa said...


I'm not sure if I've ever heard of that particular project, but I'm going to check them out.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention!