Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Knitting: Hat #1 for Lesotho

A few weeks after I saw the appeal for children's sweaters, I saw that another organization was hosting a hat and sock drive for the poor children in the mountains of Lesotho. I have several college friends who are missionaries in South Africa, so this really caught my attention.

These children spend long hours in the freezing cold tending their family's animals, and they have almost nothing. How could I not help out?

This is the first of the hats, modeled by my 8-year-old son (please excuse the cheesy smile). This one really fits well, and I like it. It couldn't be any easier, either! You can find it free for downloading on the Coats & Clark website here. I made two of them using this pattern.

Because of the climate, these needed to be made from wool or other animal fibers. And since they don't own washing machines, the wool didn't have to be machine-washable. I decided this was a great use for the wool yarn I've harvested from thrift store sweater unraveling.

Stay tuned for a few more hats and such!


Shoregirl said...

Looks like your knitting needles are getting a real work-out! You do a great job with all you projects, and to think you conquered knitting only 13 months ago!