Monday, February 20, 2012

Knitting: Warm Socks for Me!

I used to think that I was slightly allergic to wool because I itched so much when I came in contact with it. However, after handling non-scratchy wools, I have discovered that it's just the scratchy wool that I can't stand. What a relief! I have the coldest feet in the world (just ask my husband), and I needed something to warm them a bit. When I found a sock pattern called "Foot Ovens," I figured I had stumbled onto the perfect solution.

I was right, too! This was the perfect pattern for me, especially since I can't stand a sock that goes any higher than my ankle.

If you look closely at the heel, you can see that I didn't get my wraps and turns closed as well as I should have, but this was my first sock that utilizes a wrap-and-turn heel. The second one has no visible "holes" at the heel.

One other thing I learned from my first toe-up sock: Use a super-stretchy bind-off for the top. I didn't for my first one, and I can just barely get it on and off. I used this bind-off on the second one, and it slides on and off perfectly.

I figured that I could make myself a pair of socks with this yummy yarn and not feel guilty, since I already made a hat and two pair of socks for the children of Lesotho. Now I know just how comfy those items are going to be!

One last note: I tend to wear socks around the house instead of slippers, so I painted puffy paint circles onto the bottom of each sock as a non-slip measure. It works great, but don't try it on socks you're going to wear with shoes. I tried them with my boots once, and they didn't want to come out of the boots. :)


Shoregirl said...

Another great job -- hope they keep your toes toasty warm!

jemilyea said...

I enjoyed seeing your updated project photos this morning on Ravelry.

Christa said...

Thanks! I tend to knit like crazy for a week or two, then update all the projects with photos all at once. :)