Monday, April 2, 2012

Knitting: Black and Blue Striped Sweater for Lesotho

Ever since I saw the feature photo for the Basic Seamless Raglan Pullover, I knew I wanted to try making it in stripes. I was a bit intimidated by all those color changes and ends to weave in, though, so I made a few sweaters before I attempted it. Now that I've tried it, I realize it's no big deal, as long as you pay attention to how many rows your stripes are (so that the sleeves will match up with the body of the sweater).

I really like this sweater. The yarns are so nice and soft, both recycled lambswool from thrift store sweaters (American Eagle and Old Navy). Although I used to think wool was scratchy, this yarn was a dream to knit with. I like it even better than acrylic - it was actually softer!

Now that I've gotten the hang of taking apart the thrift store sweaters, I have quite the stash going. I try to unravel a few sweaters each week, so I have yarn waiting for my next project. I'm not feeling a bit guilty about it, either, since almost all of it is going to charity - AND I'm using it up pretty fast. :)


Shoregirl said...

I like the blue -- you did a great job on lining up those stripes!