Friday, April 6, 2012

Knitting: Black and Pink Striped Sweater for Lesotho

I really like how this sweater came out! The black is a super-soft lambswool from an unraveled J Crew sweater. The pink is a bright, fun color harvested from an unraveled Express sweater (75% merino/25% angora). Together, they made one of the softest sweaters I've ever felt. Knitting this sweater was a treat for my fingers.

The striped effect was a lot easier the second time around.

I love how it turned out! Since the children in impoverished countries tend to be smaller than our well-fed children, this 4T size should fit children in a pretty wide age range.


Shoregirl said...

Ooooo I love the pink yarn!!! It really "pops" off the page when paired with the black -- some little girl is going to be very happy to receive this!

Christa said...

I definitely had a girl in mind when I made this (because most of my other sweaters are very boy-colored). However, the coordinator informed us that gender stereotypes with colors are not common in Lesotho, so it may end up on a boy! :) Either way, I hope it will keep some child nice and warm.