Monday, May 14, 2012

Homemade Potato Chips

Sorry I don't have a photo for the post today, but I hope it's helpful even without a picture.

Yesterday I was craving potato chips, but we didn't have any in the house. I try not to keep too many here because I really do love them and they're terrible nutritionally. But when you have a craving, sometimes it just won't go away. Since it was Mother's Day, I indulged my craving with some homemade potato chips.

I've made them before, but always before I would peel a potato and use my vegetable peeler to slice off super-thin slices to fry in my FryDaddy. You can get a lot of potato chips that way (about the equivalent of a bagful with one russet potato), but I found the whole process a bit tiresome, especially because the potato gets really slippery after a minute of working with it.

Yesterday I decided to try the easiest way I know - I used the slicer attachment on my small Salad Shooter. I only had red potatoes on hand, but they fit in the chute perfectly, so I left the skins on them and it worked great.

After slicing them, I put them in the preheated FryDaddy. Since these slices are a little thicker, I had to experiment with frying times. Two minutes produced something that was like a thin, flat French fry. Not what I was looking for. Four minutes was a little closer to a chip, but still not crispy the whole way through. Six minutes was perfection!

I discovered that one red potato is about the equivalent of a serving, but I suspect you'll get a lot more out of regular russets. So, for those of you (like me) who prefer a written-out traditional-looking recipe, here you go:

Homemade Potato Chips

1 potato (any kind will work)
salt or your preferred seasonings
food processor with slicer attachment
deep fryer with oil

1. Peel the potato, if desired. Cut into chunks that will fit into your food processor's slicer attachment, then process.
2. Fry the slices in hot oil for 5-6 minutes.
3. Drain on paper towels and salt or season as desired.

Yield: 1 serving (red potato) or 2-3 servings (white potato)

I want to try baking some in the oven at some point, but I'll have to wait for another week to try that. I don't want to gain ten pounds in one week!