Saturday, May 26, 2012

Knitting: Felted Bag 2

I finished another felted bag! After the first one came out of the washing machine all felted and cute, my daughter started begging me for one. So this one is hers.

This time I only did 15 stitches per square, instead of the 20 stitches per square that I did on the first one. I don't know if you can tell or not, but the first bag is in the back and the second bag is in the front. There is a significant size difference, although this picture probably doesn't illustrate it very well.

Maybe this one will be a bit clearer. I am able to perfectly nest the second one inside the first one.

And here's a picture of my daughter holding it. It's so cute and petite, just like her!

If I were to make this size for an adult, it would have to be for a special occasion bag because you can't fit much more than a few accessories inside. But it's really cute!


Shoregirl said...

Perfect size for a little girl! Great job!