Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knitting: More Mittens for Maine

Summer is full of vehicle trips around here, and mittens are a wonderfully portable project. I made a bunch of them on a recent road trip.

I made these for the Maine organization that gives out gifts to underprivileged children each Christmas. They need around 1600 pairs of mittens each year, so they can use all the help they can get!

This pair should fit the older age range of children because it fits my hand quite nicely.

I used the Basic Pattern for Children's Mittens for both of these. This one is made in the middle size, which should fit a 6-8-year-old.

 They need the smallest and largest sizes the most, so I've been knitting a pair of these tiny mittens as often as possible. They come together quickly because they're so small, but also because there is no need for a separate thumb at this age.

This blue yarn is a soft lambswool.

The pattern I used is called Baby Mitts, and it's a great simple project.

This pink yarn is one of my favorites, 75% merino/25% angora. It's one of the softest yarns ever. As usual, all of this yarn was recycled from thrift store sweaters.


Shoregirl said...

What pretty mittens, I'm quite sure the kids will enjoy having something warm and beautiful to wear this winter!