Monday, June 25, 2012

Sweaters to Yarn: Shopping Trip #2

We hit a few thrift shops this past week, and I found some "new" sweaters to unravel.

Let me tell you, I never realized all the cashmere that was hiding in my local thrift shops. I literally had an armful at one thrift store and then went through and narrowed it down to my two favorites. Let me share those two first.

100% cashmere by Old Navy - men's size large

I have ideas for this one already, and I'll share as soon as I get the details worked out.

If you want to get into unraveling, I'll caution you about striped sweaters. Always be sure to check the seams to see if the yarns are carried up the sides at each stripe or if they're cut at each stripe. If you're hoping to use it on a big project, it might be more bother than it's worth if it's cut at each stripe ... But if you're making striped socks or hexipuffs, it might be perfect that way.

100% cashmere by Lord & Taylor - women's size medium

This is a thicker cashmere than most (not worsted, though), so I happily bought it even though I'll lose one of the front panels to the buttonholes. I think I'm going to "felt" that panel with buttonholes and sew something with it. (Cashmere "fulls" more than "felts.") Any ideas?

If a sweater has buttonholes, always check to see how they're formed. If they're knit right in, you'll be able to use all the yarn. If they're cut (most are), check to see if they're on a detachable button band or they're cut right into the front of the sweater, like this one is. The detachable button band is the best case scenario, since you can just throw away the button band and still reclaim most of the yarn.

100% Shetland wool, women's European size 34 (small??)

Shetland wool is a bit scratchy but is highly prized for its warmth and quality. I was thrilled to find it in this kid-friendly lime green color, since I do so much charity knitting for children in impoverished countries where they like bright colors. Trust me, green doesn't get any brighter than this unless it's neon. :)

100% lambswool by J Crew - men's size XL

Again, I was drawn to this sweater because of the nice, bright color. It would look fabulous with the green (really). I may have to find a few stranded projects for these.


Shoregirl said...

Glad you found more sweaters for your knitting's always a lot of fun finding things in thrift stores to use in crafting!