Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More $1 Homeschool Supplies

School has been keeping me extra-busy these last two weeks. The first few weeks are always like that, until we get into our "groove" for the year and I find the best and easiest ways of running things.

I do have several things to share with you, so hopefully I'll get a few minutes over the next few days to write them up.

For today, I have a few more $1 products that I found recently that make my homeschool life easier.

First of all, here is the last set of posters I referred to in my last post about Dollar Tree products that I love. Aren't these cute? My plan is to rotate the posters each month. Both of my kids loved the ones we started with.

Here are four activity card sets. You cut them apart and have your kids match them up. There were other sets, but these are the ones we will personally use: compound words, antonyms, synonyms, and homonyms. You have to cut them apart yourself, but $1/pack is a great price for these!

I got a pack of 24 (or 25?) of these skeletal system handouts because my son had to learn most of these bones in health class this year. I was able to use as many of these as I wanted without having to freehand it myself (in which case, he might not have recognized any of the bones). I would highly recommend using one of these sheets each day to help them memorize the bones easily.

Target had a whole bunch of neat things in their $1 Spot again this year.

Since we're studying dinosaurs, I had to pick up the dinosaur cards. Although we don't agree with all of the "science" facts about how long ago these dinosaurs might have roamed the earth, there's still a lot of helpful information, as well as fun pictures for dinosaur-lovers (like my son).

I was pretty thrilled to find the "Telling Time" cards, too, since it presents time on a variety of clock styles. We're going to get good use out of these!

Did you find any really good deals on homeschool supplies at the regular stores this year? I'd love to hear about them!


Shoregirl said...

Reading your post serves to make me even more anxious to start school -- glad you found some more "cheap" supplies to aid you in your teaching this year! School supply shopping is near the top of my "favorites" list -- I love browsing all the wonderful options out there!