Thursday, September 27, 2012

18" Doll Upside-Down Knitting Primer

I've had this (free) 18" Doll Upside-Down Knitting Primer in my queue on Ravelry for awhile. If I had known how valuable it was going to be to me, I would have knit it a long time ago.

If you hate seaming and want to learn how to make seamed sweater patterns without seams (i.e. convert them to seamless), this is a fabulous tutorial. The bonus, of course, is that you get a sweater for your daughter's 18" doll out of the bargain. This might fit the Bitty Twins, but it does look a bit slimmer than the ones I've been making for them. I have to sneak pictures of these since they're for gifts, so I wasn't able to try it on the Twins for fear of royally messing up their hair and having my daughter notice.

As I was knitting this, it didn’t look like it was going to turn out looking very nice (although the tutorial was fabulous in its own right). However, now that it’s done, it’s very pretty. What a nice surprise! :)

I did have trouble picking up enough stitches on the neckline. What I ended up doing was picking up as many as I possibly could, then increasing on the next round to get to the recommended number. It worked perfectly and goes over the doll's head with no trouble.

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Shoregirl said...

Since I don't knit, I don't understand 1/2 of your post! :) BUT I do understand pictures and can see that your sweater turned out very pretty! Great job!