Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bitty Doll Romper

This one is not my design. It's a pattern I purchased from Ravelry called Baby Doll Romper. At first, I wasn't so sure about purchasing a pattern when I'm getting pretty good at figuring things out myself. However, I'm very glad that I did because I would have never figured out the crotch area by myself. The pattern made it very easy, though.

This perfectly fits the Bitty Twins, even though it wasn't designed specifically for them.

The neck is a bit big, but the fullness is mostly in the back, so it doesn’t stand out much.

This is designed almost like a onesie without snaps at the crotch, but I wanted long pants and sleeves.

I simply knit the sleeves to 3” (measured under arm) before switching to the contrast color. Next time, I’ll change that to 2-1/2”, since it could stand to be just a bit shorter.

I knit the legs to 4-1/2” (measured on inner leg) before switching to the contrast color. They are perfect.

The one (very minor) thing I would change is to add a second buttonhole closer to the top. I suspect that might solve the problem of the gaping neck.

This was very well-designed. I had no trouble getting it off and on the doll. I don’t expect my daughter to have any trouble, either.

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Shoregirl said...

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! You did a great job!