Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pink & Brown Striped Seamless Bitty Pullover

Here is the small-striped version of my (free) Basic Seamless Bitty Pullover that I originally had in mind when I thought of stripes.

Since this is doll-sized, I made the stripes only four rows each. Lest you think I wove in all those ends, I chose to simply carry my yarn along the back of the work, since it wasn't even a full inch between stripes.

I did all the ribbing in the pink yarn. It worked out perfectly that way.

I love this color combination!


Shoregirl said...

Oooooo I love the color combo too --- Maybe you should think about making adult sized're bitty ones turn out so pretty!

Christa said...

Funny you should mention the color combination ... It came about as I was working on another project using this horrid dark brown yarn to hold the sleeve stitches that were done with this lovely pink yarn. I saw how nice they looked together and then rushed through the project so I could make this. :)