Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bitty Camo Romper

I made another Baby Doll Romper (paid pattern), this time with the camo yarn.

I figured out why my last one was gaping at the neck and only had one buttonhole: In the pattern, I skipped the entire section labeled “Small size only” and went directly to “Large size only”. Unfortunately, that meant I completely missed the first buttonhole because I thought everything under the “Small size only” section was indeed only for the small size. It’s not. I’m going to highlight it on my pattern so I don’t make the same mistake again.

I really love how these rompers come out, though. They're a perfect fit, and so cute!


Laura said...

Good Morning!

I just love all the posts you've done on the doll clothes you've been knitting! I've been working on some fishermen dolls for our community sewing circle (they sell the dolls each year...proceeds go to help those in our little fishing community) and I'm always looking for new little doll sweater patterns. You've shared some wonderful ones that I know I will be able to use!

Your daughter will just love all these doll clothes, I'm certain!

Have a blessed day and thanks again for sharing!

Shoregirl said...

Another great use of that camo yarn -- glad you figured out what you did "wrong" last time! Your romper is PERFECT!