Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hoodie for Bitty Twins

I love this hoodie sweater! This is a pattern I purchased on Ravelry, called Doll Hoodie Sweater.

Since I despise seaming, I adjusted the pattern to work it seamless. It was a cinch.

The pattern originally called for it to curl a bit at the hem, but I didn't like that look. Mine rarely stop curling when they're supposed to, so I simply did four rows of garter stitch at the bottom to prevent that. I got the idea from other people who had knit the hoodie. (I always like to look through "helpful pattern notes" before beginning a new pattern.)

My daughter's Bitty Twins are going to have a complete wardrobe overhaul after Christmas this year! :)


jemilyea said...

I think you're enjoying the Bitty Twins as much as your daughter is!

Christa said...

You're absolutely right! :)

Shoregirl said...

I love hoodies -- and yours is extra cute because it's doll size! Another great job knitting!